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The Romance Diamond Bridal Collection...

Finely is crafted in 18kt gold and diamonds, Romance features
impeccable quality and style. Romance is one of the most
comprehensive and profitable programs in the industry.

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Style and quality...

Romance utilizes extra quality control standards that
result in a beautifully crafted ring. Romance is
created with the patented Precise-white gold for
the pristine whiteness of platinum without the high cost.

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Romance lifetime warranty...

Romance is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and
is back by a lifetime guaranty against defects in materials
and workmanship so you can enjoy a lifetime of beauty.

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Custom displays and dealer support...

Romance features custom displays in addition to a
comprehensive dealer marketing package that
includes catalogs, e-commerce website, posters,
duratrans, commercials and more.

Matching Bands

  • 117053-W
    18KW ROM WB 1/2CT,053-5,348-5187,403-4,70-1,655-6,77,886-92,
  • 117075-W
    18KW ROM BAND D1/2CTW 117075, 077,386,650,678,830,959,119158
  • 117933-W
    18KW ROM 17-RD BAND D3/8CTW 117933-6,945,119148,151,155
  • 117547-W
    18KW ROM 19-RD BAND D1/7CTW MATCH 117547-553,893-898
  • 117907-W
    18KW ROM SCALLOP DIA MLGN BANDD1/5CTW, MATCH 7907-8,9138,214
  • 117487-W
    18KW ROM 20-RD DIA BAND D1/6CTMATCH 117487-489,696-698
  • 117424-W
    18KW ROM CURVED DIA BAND D.08CTW (117422,4,436-441,601)
  • 117271-W
  • 117880-W
    18KW ROM 17-RD DIA BAND D1/6CTW, MATCH 117824,880-885
  • 117221-W
    18KW ROM RD DIA MLGN BAND D1/7CTW, MATCH 117221-223
  • 117053-WW
    18KW ROM 10 DIA BAND D5/8CTW MATCH 053-5,348-51,403-4,470-1
  • 117820-W
    18KW ROM 10-RD V-TIP BD D5/8CT117820-117823,840-1,119162